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Our association is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of rarities from the real world like classic cars, paintings, rare watches, diamonds, gold, silver. These rarities are represented by NFTs, so you can participate in Real World Collectibles with a mouseclick! Our connected collectibles bring RWCs to the blockchain, for you to participate in, and help keeping them well alive. 

Besides being a steadily growing multi billion dollar market, Real World Collectibles (RWCs) are simply things worth collecting, and caring for! We invite you to learn more about the hot topic by visiting our page Real World Collectibles.

We bring our Real World Collectibles to the blockchain by the use of NFTs. Furthermore these NFTs are fractionalized, so you can participate in a share of the whole. Please visit the page how it works, and check out our beautiful, and carefully arranged collection. Our Real World Collectibles are safely stored, insured, and properly maintained. Please visit vaults to learn more about this topic.

These connected collectibles bridge two worlds, the physical and the digital. On the blockchain living digital NFTs are backed by unique, physical assets (gold, diamonds, cars, etc.). Keep items vaulted, sell them with a click, or initiate a buy out. It is the best time now to become a part of this exciting journey. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by following and/ or asking questions on:

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